About us


The name “Magnosco” has its origin in Latin. “agnoscere” means “to recognize, to perceive”, “agnosco” means “I recognize”. The “M” stands for melanoma. Magnosco, therefore, means “to recognize the melanoma” or “I recognize the melanoma”. This corresponds to our goal:

Challenge in diagnostics

The greatest challenge in diagnostics in dermatology is the objective assessment of skin lesions. This depends on the knowledge of the treating experts. The density of experts is distributed differently in the countries which leads to a difficult situation. Consequences of this are overcautious behavior and overdiagnosis, which ultimately leads to an excessively high biopsy rate. This, coupled with long waiting times for laboratory results, can lead to increased dissatisfaction among the patients.

Our history and experience have empowered us to take the next step. Our customer-centric products will make a significant contribution to improving diagnostic support for dermatologists.

Our vision

Providing objective non-invasive skin
diagnostics for everyone

Our values

Creative ideas and curiosity are welcome


A diverse, inclusive, bonded team no matter culture, color, gender, etc. is our energy


Honesty, trust and transparency are the key to success and feedback is highly appreciated


Agility and a pro-active mindset drive our work


User-centric development is our mantra


Everyone always gives their best to achieve the highest quality