Our history

Founding and start industrialization

  • Basic research
    Starting around 2000, Dr. Matthias Scholz (LTB Lasertechnik Berlin) and Dr. Dieter Leupold laid the foundation for a new method in skin cancer diagnostics. Many years of work resulted in research into possible spectroscopic methods and ultimately in the invention of dermatofluoroscopy. This basic academic research was decisive and fundamental for Magnosco’s path.


  • Founding
    As early as 2010, Dr. Hans-Georg Giering, who would later become the founder of Magnosco, had initial thoughts about the possibility of turning the research project on dermatofluoroscopy, a laser-based method for detecting skin cancer, into an independent company. The decision to bring the functional prototype to approval and to develop it into a product ready for series production was ultimately the push to found Magnosco in February 2014.

Completion of pivotal study

The calibration and validation of dermatofluoroscopy was performed in the context of a three-year, multicenter clinical trial at the University Hospital of Tübingen, the University Hospital of Heidelberg and the Charité Berlin with more than 350 patients.

Certification & Clearance

  • Certification ISO 13485
    As a proper medical device manufacturer, Magnosco also sought certification to ISO 13485. This was achieved at the beginning of 2018 and since then confirms high quality in the work and processes at Magnosco.


  • CE-clearance DermaFC
    The major milestone was reached – the approval of the first medical product from Magnosco. With the DermaFC, we were able to launch a commercial device for diagnostic support of melanoma detection using laser spectroscopy and AI.

Improved diagnostic

In a retrospective study Magnosco showed a new algorithm with a significantly optimized accuracy. This further development of our AI was also recognized by the Science Award of the dermatology network onkoderm e.V.. Further important steps in the development of the products and in AI have been initiated.

End of
concept study

Insights from the market, input from our partners, and evaluations of device architecture led us to conceptualize new product ideas to prototype maturity. This accumulated knowledge and the proof of our engineering skills gained us attention and trust.

Change of shareholder

For many years Magnosco was owned by several investors from all over the world. Magnosco’s vision convinced and Magnosco thus became a member of LTB Holding.

The Next Big Thing

Improving diagnostic support in dermatology is our goal. To this end, we are working on new medical products that will make a major contribution. More information will follow.